Access experts who advise world leaders on cyber security

Ridge Global was founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, to help organizations decrease security risks. He has assembled a team of globally recognized experts who offer strategic counsel on identifying, preparing for and mitigating cyber risk.


Howard Schmidt

There are few individuals who understand cyber security like Howard Schmidt. His historic post-9/11 leadership and government expertise offers clients world-class insight into security, infrastructure protection, crisis response and organizational risk management. Read more

The Baroness Neville-Jones

Rt Hon Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones DCMG, former top British diplomat, advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron, advises corporate and government leaders on developing and leading cyber-resilient organizations. Read more

Manage risk before it manages you

Building more cyber secure and resilient organizations

Ridge Global offers the latest technology, best-in-class insurance and is an international thought-leader on cyber security. Our experts help organizations proactively address the real and imminent threats of a cyber breach.

Cyber Insurance

Watch: “Cyber Terrorism: The Next Wave,” Gov. Ridge Speaks to The Empire Club of Canada

TORANTO, ON (November 15, 2016) – Gov. Tom Ridge spoke to the Empire Club of Canada to discuss the growing threat of cyber terrorism, and what companies must do to avoid it.  

CMU Joins Effort With Tom Ridge on Cybersecurity Risks – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute is teaming up with former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge’s consulting firm and a professional organization to help boards of directors manage their cybersecurity risk responsibilities. The three organizations will start offering a 20-hour online cyber-risk oversight course for directors Dec. 1. Directors can take the course — which includes READ MORE

Fighting cyber sabotage with education

Knowledge equals power

Ridge Global provides cyber education for corporate, professional, academic and government clients at every level. And because we are committed to cyber security on a global scale, we are working to develop curriculums that will produce real-world cyber experts to deal with tomorrow’s threats.

Cyber Education