60 Minutes: The Great Brain Robbery

This eye-opening report from 60 Minutes underscores how your company can be the victim of state-sponsored cyber attacks. Don’t be the next victim. Utilizing our partnership with Burson-Marsteller, Ridge Global can enhance board-level and senior management awareness of the critical need for a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

“If spying is the world’s second oldest profession, the government of China has given it a new, modern-day twist, enlisting an army of spies not to steal military secrets but the trade secrets and intellectual property of American companies. It’s being called ‘the great brain robbery of America.’

The Justice Department says that the scale of China’s corporate espionage is so vast it constitutes a national security emergency, with China targeting virtually every sector of the U.S. economy, and costing American companies hundreds of billions of dollars in losses — and more than two million jobs.” – From the episode transcript.

“The Great Brain Robbery” which aired on Jan. 17, 2016 can be watched online here.