CMU Joins Effort With Tom Ridge on Cybersecurity Risks – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute is teaming up with former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge’s consulting firm and a professional organization to help boards of directors manage their cybersecurity risk responsibilities.

The three organizations will start offering a 20-hour online cyber-risk oversight course for directors Dec. 1. Directors can take the course — which includes four hours of simulated response to a cybersecurity breach as well as a 40-50 question test — at their own pace, given their demanding schedules.

The course was developed after the National Association of Corporate Directors surveyed its members and found only 14 percent felt their boards had a high level of understanding regarding cybersecurity risks.

“We think this is a full board issue,” said Peter Gleason, president of the association, which provides professional development programs for directors.

“There’s basically a need in the marketplace,” he said. “It [cybersecurity breaches] seems to be happening with more regularity and in more areas.””

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