Ridge Global’s Chris Furlow Addresses Human Factors of Cybersecurity at it-sa 2015 Expo and Congress in Germany


CF it-sa 2015NUREMBERG, GERMANY – Cyber education across an organization addresses “missing links” in managing critical human factors that put the cybersecurity and resilience of an organization at stake.

That was the message delivered by Ridge Global president Chris Furlow in an October 7 presentation at the it-sa 2015 Security Expo and Congress in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference hosted cybersecurity thought leaders and more than 400 technology product and service companies from around the world.

Furlow stressed that the ability to combat threats utilized by cyber criminals, such as malware and spyware, is not simply about buying the right defensive technologies.

“In addition to fighting technical weapons and nefarious actors,” Furlow said, “we are just as challenged by traits we find embedded in the human condition: nescience, curiosity, apathy, and hubris.”

As regulators around the world become more aggressive in holding corporate leaders accountable for the posture of company cyber defenses, Furlow said that the utilization of effective training programs is not only a smart counter-measure, but is demonstrative of an organization’s culture and commitment to enterprise cybersecurity and resilience.

“Culture is uniquely human,” Furlow said. “It speaks to the values and priorities of any group of people.”

Furlow said a culture of cybersecurity must be led from the top and should include exercises for executives and board members as well as online training for all personnel.

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